Welcome to Seetech

SEETECH GmbH is committed to the constant improvement of filtration products for the Mining Industry worldwide. Emulsion mixing systems and pump stations compliment our filtration product line. It is our target to provide our customers with maximum equipment uptime.
We place special emphasis on working with our customers to assess their filtration needs from the planning stages to system implementation. After start-up, our experienced service team will continue to work towards the continual optimization of the filtration system. We try to continually improve safety in Mining Industry by enhancing the design of filtration cycles. SEETECH’s goal is continued improvement and reliability in mining filtration.

Mining is a worldwide industry, therefore we are active worldwide. SEETECH has manufacturing facilities in Germany, China and the USA, with sales professionals in Poland, Australia, South Africa and India. SEETECH’s global reach and close proximity to local customers makes it possible for us to offer fast and efficient solutions in an industry where constant uptime of machinery and equipment is crucial.

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