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Inline Filters

SEETECH Seetech Inline filters are specially designed for underground applications. Installed between the hydraulic controls and hydraulic supply line, the inline filters are the first line of defense against fluid contamination within the shield. These compact filters utilize replaceable elements in various micron sizes. When fluid contamination occurs, flow can become restricted, greatly decreasing the necessary operating pressure and flow of the system.

This is a sure indication the filter element needs to be replaced. We have developed a wide range of filter elements for inline filters that ensure reliable and economic adaptation to meet the equipments filtration requirements.


Filter Elements

SEETECH “Pilot filter elements” are installed directly in the hydraulic control block and are the last defense against contamination. These are also known as "last-chance-filters”.
They are constructed of laminated mesh cylinders for maximum performance. Each layer of laminate cylinder is custom designed for high differential pressure resistance, high dirt holding capacity, and good backflush property. The filter element is designed according to flow requirements, filtration level, and customer preference.



SEETECH backflush filters are specially developed for the harsh environments found in underground mining. Typically they are installed in line before of the pump station as a pre-filter, or downstream as a last chance filter to keep the water used for emulsion clean or to protect spray nozzles. This filter has the unique ability to be cleaned during operation. If contamination is present and the elements begin to block, one side will be back flushed and cleaned, while the continuous flow is passes through the element on the other side. This filter is available in either manual or fully automatic configurations.
The modular design makes it possible for the costumer to customize the filter layout according to operating situation. It is also possible to combine on type of filter module with different SEETECH filters for either cascaded filtration or custom applications.
This guarantees not only a new dimension in flexibility, but also enables customer inventory to be kept to a minimum. Seetech backflush filters are available in numerous configurations to meet your needs.This, our modular system offers you the following options:
  • Connection type and size
  • diverse configurations
  • media and -micron rating
  • ball valve or cartridge valve technology
  • Low, medium or High operating pressures
  • manual or automatic operation
  • condition monitoring technology including automation
  • custom sizes


Filter Stations

SEETECH offers automatic or manual filter stations for demanding applications. A common application for these backflush filters is for contaminant removal for spray water, motor cooling circuits, and water circuits on mining machinery. The second important role is for high pressure emulsion filter stations located between the longwall pump station and longwall face. These filter stations protect the sensitive hydraulic circuits used on today’s longwall shields.

They are specially designed for “stand alone” use or complex filter stations. Depending on customer needs, these can be equipped with a fully automatic Seetech control system or customer specified control system.

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